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Tue 25 June 2019

A race of cannibal monsters called the Shokujinki exists and it is the job of the Kifuuken, an elite group of beast-hunters, to stop them. Toshihiko Momota, an expert swordsman and son of the Kifuuken organization's leader, unexpectedly falls in love at first sight with a beautiful girl named Yuka. However, the couple's relationship is much more complicated than it seems at first glance, for Yuka is a Shokujinki.

Kemonozume - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 23 minutes

Premier: 2006-08-05

Kemonozume - Wakfu - Netflix

Wakfu is a tactical turn-based MMORPG, developed by Ankama Games. Development began in 2006, and the game was released for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux on February 29, 2012. The game takes place 1,000 years after Ankama's previous game, Dofus. A spin-off game, Islands of Wakfu, was released on Xbox Live Arcade on March 30, 2011. An animated television series based on the game began airing in France from October 30, 2008. The series has also spawned various comics, a trading card game and a board game.

Kemonozume - Animated series - Netflix

Ankama Animation has been producing a French-language cartoon series by the same name, based on the video game. The first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October 2008, and new episodes continued to air into June 2010 on France 3. The show is animated with Adobe Flash software; all the production is done in France except episode 22 “Rubilax” and the special episode “Noximilien”, both produced in Japan. The series is directed by Anthony “Tot” Roux, and character design is directed by Xavier “Xa” Houssin and Kim “Tcho” Etinoff. During the London MCM Expo, the first two episodes were shown for the first time in English, and a Kickstarter campaign has been launched to fund the complete first season in English. A spin-off called Mini-Wakfu, which features humorous shorts with characters Sporting some super deformed packages, has aired since September 2009. The special episode “Noximilien l'Horloger”, which tell the origins of the main antagonist, Nox, was produced in Japan, it features a radically different art style made by the same team of animators who worked on Kaiba and Kemonozume, it was directed by Eunyoung Choi with Masaaki Yuasa on character design. The series is set 12 years after the game, and inside the latter can be found numerous citations about the cartoon. In 2015 a Movie of Dofus was released, and they are planning on releasing the Wakfu movie in 2018. Season 3 of the animated series aired from September 2 to September 17, 2017, and consisted of 13 episodes.

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