The Joey Bishop Show - Netflix

Mon 24 June 2019

Joey Bishop stars as New York talk show host, Joey Barnes, in this witty, smartly-written sitcom.

The Joey Bishop Show - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1961-09-20

The Joey Bishop Show - The Joey Bishop Show (sitcom) - Netflix

The Joey Bishop Show is an American sitcom, starring Joey Bishop. The series premiered in September 1961 on NBC where it aired for three seasons. The series then moved to CBS for its final season. Executive produced by Danny Thomas, The Joey Bishop Show is a spin-off of Thomas' series The Danny Thomas Show.

The Joey Bishop Show - Season one - Netflix

The series was conceived as a vehicle for Joey Bishop by Danny Thomas and Louis F. Edelman in 1960. At the time, Thomas was starring in his own series, Make Room for Daddy (later known as The Danny Thomas Show), airing on CBS. Thomas' series was then a top-20 hit and served as a launching pad for The Joey Bishop Show. The series' pilot episode, entitled “Everything Happens to Me”, aired on March 27, 1961, during the eighth season of Danny Thomas. In the pilot, an incompetent Hollywood “public relations man” named Joey Mason (Bishop) forgets to make proper accommodations for an exhausted Danny Williams (Thomas) after he arrives in Los Angeles to play a show. Joey is then forced to put Danny up in the home he shares with his colorful parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mason (played by Billy Gilbert and Madge Blake) and two unmarried sisters, Betty (Virginia Vincent) and aspiring actress Stella (Marlo Thomas). By the time the series was picked up by NBC, Bishop's character's name was changed to Joey Barnes (Bishop had insisted his character and he share the same initials) and the character of Joey's father was dropped. Two additional characters were added; a younger brother named Larry, and Frank, the husband of Joey's older sister Betty. The series' first incarnation features Joey, a well-intending but hapless and trouble-prone young man, who works for the Hollywood public relations firm, Willoughby, Cleary and Jones. The firm is headed by J.P. Willoughby (John Griggs), Joey's demanding boss. Willoughby's secretary, Barbara Simpson (Nancy Hadley), is Joey's girlfriend. Joey lives with and supports his widowed mother, Mrs. Barnes (Madge Blake), younger sister Stella (Marlo Thomas) and younger brother Larry (Warren Berlinger), who is a medical student. Joey also supports his older sister Betty (Virginia Vincent) and her proudly unemployed husband Frank (Joe Flynn). The storylines during the first season typically revolve around Joey's misadventures concerning his job. Problems also arise when family members, who often think he has more influence in Hollywood than he actually has, attempt to take advantage of his nonexistent influence. As the series was a spin-off of The Danny Thomas Show, Danny Thomas and Marjorie Lord appeared as their Danny Thomas characters in the first season's fourth episode entitled “This Is Your Life”. Sid Melton, who appeared as Uncle Charley Halper on Danny Thomas, also appeared. After its September 1961 premiere, the series struggled in the ratings. In an effort to improve viewership, NBC decided to “readjust” the series in the second season, beginning with several characters dropped (Joey's mother, sister Stella, brother Larry, brother-in-law Frank, and girlfriend Barbara Simpson. Several crew members were also dismissed), and a new context for the series in which Joey becomes a TV personality. The changes helped the series' ratings in the second season.

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